Business Ideas for 2015

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Business Ideas for 2015


Let’s be honest. Middle class is shrinking. The idea of a long term position with one company is an old one. More companies are outsourcing. Some people are being replaced with robots (seriously, a robot took my luggage at my hotel in Manhattan). Many people are holding on to old ideas and finding it uncomfortable to adapt to the new ways of the world.

Whether people like it or not, we are now discovering the true definition of financial security, which is, in my opinion knowing how and having the ability to earn with or without an employer. Many will have to learn how to sell and invest in order to survive today’s world or risk bouncing from job to job hoping and wishing not to get fired. Not to mention being eaten alive by the three headed monster named debt, inflation and taxes.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business where you can monetize your talents and get some experience in selling without needing a ton of cash, here’s some ideas that could get you started with building up YOU Incorporated:

1-Start a Website

Whatever people ask you for advice for, or whatever your natural talent is, could be showcased on your website. SEO and automation has made it easier to make money on the web

2-Be a Real Estate Broker

Few thousand can get you started. With a will to learn, to serve and networking skills this can be a great business to be involved in. Once you get your licence sky is the limit. Contact me if interested and I can point you in the right direction. My associates are always looking for partners.

3-Be An Insurance Broker

Whether they know or not, everyone needs insurance. For the insurance broker who can make that known and offer protection to families, this can be a great business to be in. Contact me if interested and I can connect you with a brokerage. You will need a licence.


If you’re clever and witty then this would be a great business for you. Copywriters think of slogans and phrases to catch the attention of consumers. Not a difficult business to enter but you will only be paid for being creative.


Coding is the future. There will be no shortage of clients for those skilled in the world of computer coding. If you have computer skills, or the will to get them, then this business is for you.

6-Bird Dog

If you have strong networking skills and an interest in real estate then you can be a bird dog. A bird dog’s job is to connect those trying to get rid of properties with those trying to buy properties below market value. Another business where you can make lump sums while working for yourself.


People struggle with diet weight and exercise all the time so there will always be a void that can be filled by a nutritionist offering healthy solutions. Another way to be self-made and paid.


A consultant is a professional problem solver. Since people will always have problems, consultants will always have prospective clients. If there’s a topic you know exceptionally well and can communicate even better then consulting may be a wise choice.

9-Be a Writer

Words always have been and always will be the most powerful thing in the world.  With all this new technology and platforms such as Amazon Kindle, a skilled writer can make a great living. If you have the gift of gab, go for it.

10-Be a Film Director

The world could use more creativity. Too many remakes of the same movies using the same characters. Everyone’s playing it safe. For the daring director who’s unafraid to blaze new trails, the potential in the film world is unlimited.


These are just a few ideas, but there’s many more. Consider your options. The one you should choose is the one you would do if you were already wealthy. That’s the one you love. Good luck. Work smart. Do it your way!


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