Four Recession Proof Industries

Four Recession Proof Industries

If you plan to start a business in the new year or even tomorrow, To have the odds even more in your favor consider these particular four industries. The bad news is there are many other companies involved in these four industries, the good news is there’s still way more potential customers than there is companies.

Here they are:
Transportation– People will always need to be able to transport themselves and goods that need to be traded. Unless people start teleporting, this need will remain for many more years.
Clothing– People will always need clothes on their back. Unless naked becomes the new norm, I see no end to this in the foreseeable future
Housing– People will always need somewhere to live. This need will be here until the world ends

Food– always needed for daily consumption. That will never change

Entering these industries ensures that you will always have people in need of what you offer. Service will be the difference maker in making some of these customers yours.

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