How To Turn Time Into Power

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How To Turn Time Into Power

Time: we all have it, some more than others, but truth be told it means different things to different people. Having time is one thing, knowing it’s value and putting it to it’s best use is another. Ultimately, we can use our time for us or against us. Here are some ways that you can turn your time into power:

1-Read an informative book

One of the only things that will give you better returns on your investment than real estate property is intellectual property. Those who accumulate and use the most generally live well from the equity. Smart pays dividends and it pays for life.

2-Create something

Use a talent you have and happen to enjoy, to create something that someone else can enjoy. Using your ability to make others lives better is powerful. It Is part of the foundation of wealth creation. Could be a shirt, new app, video, song or poem. Whatever it is, it is time well spent if you used it to produce something of value.

3-Master a skill

Those who take the 10,000 hrs plus to master a skill whether it be a sport, instrument or leadership skills, generally live a life that attracts opportunity and success because there will always be a place for true talent and ability. The more people your skills effect, the more success you attract because you create more value for yourself. Take a look at the Forbes list, what you’re really seeing is mastered skills.

4-Think of your next big idea, next desired goal, and map out plans

Good thinkers usually advance in life, and advance faster, especially the ones who are strategic. Taking time to brainstorm about your next idea, map out and create strategies for success that can later be  implemented is never a bad idea and leads to better preparation. When preparation meets opportunity moves get Made. That’s power.


Time is our most valuable asset. It should be treated as such by using it to improve, grow and excel. The four steps mentioned helped me turn my time into power. I trust that it can do the same for you. Wish you continued success.



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