Seven Habits of The Go-Getter

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Seven Habits of The Go-Getter

A wise man once said first we make our habits then our habits make us. Our lives will always be and always have been a result and a picture of the practices we put into play on a daily basis. Those who come out on top in the game of life are the ones who exercise the power they have over these choices and practices and decide to make them positive ones. We all have the ability to do so, so we all start on an equal playing field. Here are seven habits of the go-getter that this student of life decided to take note of: 

1-Writing down goals/plans

From to-do lists to done lists, short term goals and long term goals. Those who get what they want usually spend much time planning for it in advance and expecting to eventually have it.

2-Early Riser

I’ve never once met anyone who is getting what they want out of life by sleeping until the afternoon. Unless maybe if they worked the night shift. A habit of the go-getter is being up early and working on the mind (reading) and body(breakfast,exercise) while most are still asleep


If you believe you can have something, it’s already halfway yours, you just have to claim it. Go getters believe in their abilities and know in their hearts what they can do. Look at the leaders of any industry and you will find confidence close behind them.

4-Take Action

After planning their route to achieve their aim go-getters take aggressive action everyday to move towards that aim until they get where they want to be. Action is the key, even if it’s in small steps.


Real go getters analyze themselves for strengths and weaknesses then go to work on being better and those are the main why reasons they get what they want. It’s one of human natures greatest weaknesses that we often can’t stand to see the truth about ourselves and identify weaknesses let alone act on making improvements. It’s important not to be over critical, but it’s of equal importance not to be oblivious to one’s own nature.


Go getters know you need to keep new goals to stretch and grow yourself so they always have new ventures to take on after they finish achieving their past goals. This ensures that there is never any stagnation and year by year you are constantly moving forward and experiencing growth.


A real go getter knows that there’s no success without people involved. Generally it’s tough to do anything on a large scale without serving many people or dealing with many people whether it be clients or colleagues etc. Knowing how to deal with people fairly, and making them feel good about themselves is a priceless asset the go-getter has. They understand peoples needs and how to fill those needs and in return, they also get what they want.

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