Ten Black Inventors that Impacted the World

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Ten Black Inventors that Impacted the World

Much has been given to the world via the means of the creative intelligence of those of African descent. Though so much has been given, in my opinion not much has been given back in terms of recognition and acknowledgement for having the thinking power to make things that make life easier and more enjoyable for so many others. Today I acknowledge the great thinkers and innovators before me by sharing with you a list of ten black inventors who contributed to changing the world:


Madam CJ Walker- Creator of hair products for blacks in the early 1900’s. Created an empire

Garrett Morgan- Inventor of the gas mask and then the traffic light which he then sold to General Electric

Lonnie Johnson- Inventor of the Super Soaker water gun

Richard Spikes- Invented the automatic gear shift in 1932, automatic car washer in 1913 and many others

George Crum- Chef who invented the potato chip around 1853

Jack Johnson- Boxer and inventor of the wrench which was patented in April 1922

Matthew Cherry- Inventor of the tricycle

Benjamin Banneker- Invented first almanac in 1792

Thomas Elkins- Invented what we would later know as the refrigerator. Was patented in November 1879

Granville Woods- Known as the black Thomas Edison. Invented the telegraph and innovated the rail way system in the late 1800’s


We would be living in a much different world today had many of these inventions not existed. After reading the list it’s clear much greatness has been left out of our history books. But we can keep the legacy of these inventors alive by standing for what they stood for: innovation, creation, imagination, foresight and vision. Let’s continue to use our minds to improve the world. Let’s remember our origins, because we are not just consumers, but creators and inventors. And that’s powerful.

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