This Is What All Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

This Is What All Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

I have been studying successful entrepreneurs for years. Curious about the habits, patterns and coincidences that the successful share I went searching for the common thread, and I believe I have found it. The common denominator between all successful entrepreneurs is a highly unusual level of PERSISTENCE. Successful entrepreneurs are rejected more in a few months than some people are in a lifetime. The difference between these entrepreneurs and others is they simply do not stop going after what they want. No matter what.  After these next few examples I am sure you will agree.

Stephen King: the masterful author and director had his first manuscript rejected 30 times. He was so frustrated he actually threw it in the trash. After some convincing from his wife he made another attempt. It lead him to become the master of horror stories and a living legend.

Daymond John: was turned down 27 times seeing financing for FUBU before hearing a yes and going on to build a huge brand. Most people wouldn’t have got past rejection 3 let alone 27. Fubu became what it became because of persistence.
Walt Disney: the visionary genius who masterminded a whole new world that attracts visitors from around the globe was rejected 302 times when seeking financing for Walt Disney World.  Another example of superhuman persistence to bring an idea to life. Disney has become a massive brand.
Colonel Sanders: older man in his 60’s felt like he made the best chicken in town. He shopped this chicken 1009 different times before finally hearing a yes to an investment.  We now know this chicken as KFC, which has gone on to become a strong long lasting brand. Another successful brand born out of sheer persistence.
For those of you who feel like you are failing more than you should be in your current business then I hope you find inspiration in these stories and realize you are on the right path. As you can see by the examples demonstrated, the world of entrepreneurship does not reward those who are never wrong,  but it gladly rewards those who correct, continue and persist. May your will always be stronger than your doubts.  Please share this with someone you know may benefit from it.


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