Three Better Business Practices: Customer Service

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Three Better Business Practices: Customer Service

I have had quite a few experiences with businesses of all kinds. Being the observant student of life that I am, I happened to notice the common thread between businesses whose service I appreciated and the practices that have been appreciated about my business/services. These three simple yet essential factors I will be speaking about can make all the difference in being an extraordinary business, or an extra ordinary business:

 1-Respond within 24 hrs:

We live in a time where information has never been faster to access. The market is saturated with options. Businesses who are slow to respond to inquiries or requests for a product/service may find themselves losing business to another company that practices a faster and more efficient business system

 2-Show appreciation for referrals:

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, that’s why big companies pay millions to simulate it (TV commercials). Clients/customers who refer your business can be the biggest contributors to company awareness and I believe in generously compensating them with rewards and incentives

3-Complete the work at the agreed upon time:

Trust is a key component in business. One of the keys to earning trust is doing what you say you’ll do at the agreed upon time which builds a reputation of professionalism. A reputation for professionalism and integrity are pillars in the foundation of successful business whether product or service and is always followed by profits.

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t use these three practices on a regular basis; but everything I have witnessed up until now says that the business that does practice them will have an edge, a growing data base and happy clients.

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