Three Super Powers We Are Born With

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Three Super Powers We Are Born With

We’ve already been given all the power we need to get what we want out of life. I’ll explain in the following paragraphs. 

The power to choose: Unlike the animal species that preceded us here on earth human beings have been blessed with the power to choose. We can choose who we want to become, we can choose where we want to go in life and we can choose how we want to get there. In certain cases some of us may be victims of circumstances, but in most cases we have the power to create the circumstances we want. The power to choose is under used and is a key to unlocking the doors to realized potential.

The power to change: habits can feel like invisible handcuffs. Once a habit is formed it can be repeated without any thought required. Truth is it’s difficult to take those cuffs off but not impossible. The truth is anyone can change for the better at any time if that is truly what he or she desires. After twenty-one days of replacing a bad habit with a new one the mind is rewired and the new habit becomes the norm. Thus meaning, change is a matter of desire and discipline. The question isn’t can you change, the question is how bad do you want it?

The power to create: Last but not least of the super powers we were born with is the power to create. The Most High God, the Almighty Creator made us in His image. He didn’t discriminate when giving us all a special gift. We have all been given creative abilities closely tied to our imagination and for many this is a gift that has still been unopened. We have the God given ability to bring to fruition any idea that we see in our minds eye. From the computer or device you are reading from, to the building that you work in, they began as ideas and were transformed into something tangible by the few who understood the power they had to create. If creations are conceived through imagination and imagination is limitless then our creations can be limitless as well. Having the initiative to create what people need is the path to a life of abundance.

These three super powers, when in use there is no door that can’t be opened. Open minds open doors, have your super powers open yours.

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