Three Valuable Life Lessons

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Three Valuable Life lessons

I’ve learned many lessons in the past few years, even wrote a book about it because I truly believe the right education and information is life changing. On today’s post I will share three valuable lessons I’ve learned that have made a difference in my life: 

1-Persistence is underrated: People don’t always win because they’re more talented or more lucky. They often win
because they try harder, they try longer and simply apply more effort on a consistent basis. You’d be surprised to know how many wealthy CEOs dealt with years of unnatural amounts of rejection, before finally seeing some progress.From sports, to business, to personal health, success has the same foundation which is persistent effort compounded over time.

2-Business is the way to go: I often study the Forbes list and biographies of the wealthy. The common thread between those on the lists is pretty much all of them don’t have a salary. Their income predominently comes from company shares, dividends, and other investment income. In other words, they only eat what they kill. Moral of the story: to make massive amounts of money one must first add value to massive amounts of people. That generally comes by way of business. Therefore business is the way to go for those who want to drive in the fast lane, ride on the road less traveled and most importantly live a lifestyle of freedom.

3-Personal development is a gift to yourself: Most people don’t take time to learn much after school. I just read some stats saying 58% don’t read another non-fiction book after graduating. Other stats from Tony Robbins latest book said only 10% of readers are going past the first chapter in a non-fiction book.

I see it like this: most prominent leaders, writers and speakers of influence, going back to the days of Jesus and Moses spent their time raising the consciousness of their people which provided hope (personal development is meant to do the same thing). They were ready to give their life for it. Which to me helps indicate it’s significance and level of importance. Because people with no hope, guidance or tools can’t succeed.

It’s easier to enjoy life when we understand life. It’s easier to find our place in the world when we have a better understanding of who we are as individuals and how to be our best selves. Each of us plays a part in each others personal development since we can all learn from each other if we’re open to it and grow from each others experiences. With growth comes wisdom, with wisdom comes perspective and better choices and with that comes a good life. These are the purposes that personal development serve and what could be a greater
gift to those willing to open it.

If you made it this far into the article I know success is yours, because your mind’s open, and open minds open doors to limitless opportunity.

For more life lessons checkout my book “Student of Life: My Lessons Are Yours”

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Peace and prosperity

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