Three Ways To Get a Job Promotion

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Three Ways To Get a Job Promotion

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in your current job position for too long?  If you want some ways that you can move up, and move up fast check out the rest of this article: 

1-Do more than what you’re paid to do. Take initiative

Most workers stare at the clock all day anticipating the clock striking 5pm. The over-achiever can use this fact to their advantage. If 5pm comes and you’re the one who is asking the boss if there’s anything else he/she may need help with,  or better yet, you see for yourself what needs to be done and you do it, who do you think the boss will first consider when there’s a higher position that needs filling? No doubt it will be you.

2-Make your service exceptional

Doing the bare minimum in regards to service will get you the bare minimum in regards to repeat business and recognition. By putting yourself in the shoes of your customer/client and always doing your best to meet their needs, you will garner attention to yourself, you will be talked about in a positive way, and you will be promoted for positively contributing to the companies brand, reputation and profits.

3-Increase your value by increasing your knowledge and network, then propose ideas to your employer that can move the company forward

The more you know the further you go. The line may be cheesy but it’s true. Pay attention to what’s going on outside of your cubicle or workspace. What problem is the company facing that you may be able to help fix with your knowledge base?  Is there a new marketing strategy you learned about that may help the company? Maybe you met someone in advertising that you can connect with your boss to launch a new campaign. Maybe there’s a course or class you can take to help you master your specific job position. If you are constantly looking for ways to be better at your job and make your company better you undoubtedly move up beyond the herd who wants to just do their job and go home.

The point I’m making with this article is make yourself too valuable to replace by being the best most efficient worker in the company. Approach each task like it’s the last one you’ll ever do and before you know it there will be no more promotions to give, you’ll be an owner.

I salute you for finishing this. It shows you clearly want more out of life, so you will absolutely get it. Now go get that promotion!

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