Valuable Lessons Learned in 2014

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Valuable Lessons Learned In 2014

This year has been full of ups and downs but I value every minute of it. Another year is another chance to grow and become who we want to become. In my opinion the growth can only occur with new wisdom and experiences which we should all seek out regularly; Not just from our own experiences but from the experiences of others. Here are three valuable lessons I learned or was reminded of this year:

1-Life is easier when you accept people for who they are

Since the beginning of time there have been senseless arguments fighting and even death over a simple difference in opinion. Tolerance is a rare jewel. Intolerance has been something I have been guilty of myself. I studied this in more detail this year and learned that life is much easier if you a)Try more to understand people and how they think  b) Accept that your opinion is not necessarily THE opinion. If we really wanted to, we can all find something that we like about an individual even if their views are different from our own. Leads to a much more peaceful life.

2-Cherish time, tomorrow is not promised

July 17th of this year, three days after my birthday, I was driving home from the gym and was t-boned by a car speeding through a red light. I was hit so hard the vehicle I was driving flipped upside down. I was literally sitting on my head top. The odds were very much against me walking out of that accident with a scratch cut or fracture, or even alive. But that’s exactly what happened. Nothing short of a miracle. My physiotherapist told me I could have very well been in a body cast due to the impact of the other vehicle hitting mine. This incident was a reminder of how some of life’s events are out of our control. I asked myself if I had died in that accident would I have been content and satisfied with all areas of my life up until that point. That accident was not only a reminder of God’s blessings, and that He wasn’t through with me, but a reminder that I should live life with more a of a sense of urgency in regards to getting out whats on my mind and heart and spending more time with loved ones.

3-Doesn’t matter how many times you miss, keep shooting

I see many similarities between sports and life so today I will use Kobe Bryant for example. Recently, Kobe broke an NBA record for most missed shots in NBA history (13, 418). My initial thought after seeing this news was “That’s pretty embarrassing.” I was quickly reminded a valuable lesson a short time later when Kobe passed basketball legend Michael Jordan in scoring on December 15th, 2014 scoring a total of 32, 293 career points. It dawned on me, Kobe passed Jordan for the same reason that he has the most failed shots in NBA history: he isn’t afraid to take the shot. In life  or in sports, being afraid to take the shot can cripple you; missing your last shot or few shots can demotivate you and suck away your confidence. Champions don’t lose confidence after a miss. They keep working because they are confident in who they are. There’s a reason why Kobe passing Jordan will always overshadow him missing all those shots, because victories often overshadow failures. The reason for that is there is more admiration in persisting to the desired goal, than to quit, no matter how many times you fail. Next time your plans don’t go the way you want to, just remember, keep shooting. It may just place you in the history books. Nobody really cares how many times you missed.


Truly hope you all have gained something from these lessons, as I have. I look forward to continuing growing together with you in 2015.  Peace and Love my fellow student of life.


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